24 Hours is NOT 24 Hours anymore!

When Suez Canal made the news with the blockage of ‘EVERGREEN’ cargo ship, the losses reported were huge-

§ $6.7 million per 60 seconds

§ $400 million per hour

§ $9.6 billion goods were held up

In a global era where time is money, these are shocking numbers to hear and it halted the global economy.

Little did we know how big our global economy is and how much has changed in the 21st century. The IMF (International Monetary Fund) has predicted the 2021 World GDP at $91 trillion.

21st century has witnessed tremendous growth with the large number of patents filed and the largest number of public listed companies. The technological growths we have seen is astonishing. If we see the computational power, it’s unimaginable on what we have achieved.

There are a lot of things happening around the world. The world is changing and projecting new stuff to us every minute and the velocity of it is overwhelming. The way the world has changed rapidly, it isn’t going to slow down and is going to change much faster in the coming years. Since the world is changing at such a super-fast pace, it feels that time is moving faster i.e. the perception that time is running faster in our lives.

Psychology says that if we don’t apply stimulus to the brain with new ideas or thoughts or learnings, our processing rate will slow down which in turn makes us feel like time is moving fast. Most of us would have seen the movie ‘Interstellar’ and are aware of the concept of time dilation — that time moves faster in certain planets in the cosmos than it’s on earth i.e. the relativity effect.

The ’flow’ which is the experiencing of events which we are in , gives us a distorted sense of time, that we are carried away by the ‘flow’. It gives the time dilation feeling in our day to day lives that time is moving faster than it was before. How do we ride the flow rather than getting carried away? How do we process this humongous information that’s constantly bombarding us?

Our brain is presented with 11–12 million stimulus every second, but we manage to process only 40 of them and choose to store only 7–10 pieces of information. That’s so little! 11–12 million down to just 10 pieces? That is some massive filtering our brain is doing and operating with that information.

We are making decisions with this very little information and without much thoughts which affects our personal & Professional life. We make decisions in a hurry allowing our inherent biases to take over.

It’s also important to build knowledge to be able to survive the current world and have a better foothold in the future. Warren Buffett mentioned about compounding knowledge that it grows like compound interest.

Knowledge is decaying. The things that we learned few years back is not valid anymore. If we do business based on the knowledge, we accumulated years back, then we are at a disadvantage.

Like an AI system, it’s important to build knowledge cumulatively- either narrowly or broadly or a combination of both. It’s also important to accumulate knowledge which has a longer shelf life not something that is useless next day or next month. The knowledge like data we gather , we should look for patterns and relevant interconnections and map our brain like a Tree structure.

Most of us react and do things and we don’t pause and think. Thinking is so underrated, we are constantly distracted and bombarded with too many things, we hardly make time to think.

Everyone needs to —

24 Hours is not 24 Hours anymore, it can be 10 hours if you go with the flow or could be worth 40 hours if you understand things.

In Conclusion-

1. World Economy is growing tremendously and we need to adapt.

2. Things similar to perceived time dilation and distortion is happening without our knowledge.

3. Allow yourself to be exposed to external stimulus through reading & thinking.

4. Focus on compounding knowledge & accumulating slow decaying knowledge.

5. Be cognizant of what’s happening and focus on important things.

6. Practice the Pause, stand outside the ‘flow’ and observe, think and respond.

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Priyadharshini V

Closer to 2 decades in IT, UCLA graduate, loves reading almost everything from IT to Analytics to History, Culture, Evolution, Science and Metaphysics